Venetian Plaster
Otherwise known as Polished Plaster. This can refer to a wide range of products that we use to create a polished marble veneer. This can be executed with one or multiple colors. Depending on the design objectives of the project we work with a range of marble veining, from subtle to commanding.


Was invented during the early Roman Empire. This is the traditional application of what we know as “Venetian Plaster” today.  It is a mixture of slaked lime, marble, and tint. After drying, it bonds with carbon molecules in the air to harden back into stone.  This is a truly customizable stone veneer applied to the interior or exterior settings.


Textural Stone
We use various types of tinted and non-tinted plaster. This creates a base texture that can be painted and glazed to give a deep stone impression. From travertine, or slate, to an old world wall texture, the possibilities are diverse.


Metallic Oxidized paints
These paints actually have metal suspended within them. We chemically oxidize the metal to create a realistic oxidized metal coating.


Aged Metallics
Layers of metallic paint and glaze create an aged metallic experience, not achievable in nature. Aged Metallics have a significantly lower VOC content than our oxidizing process.


Metallic Strie
A brushed metal paint finish that can be subtle or bold, one direction or two, adds interest and depth to your walls.


This customizable linen paint finish can be horizontal or vertical,  one direction or two, checkered, or cross woven like a fabric.


Faux Painting
From woodgrain to worn leather. Ancient stone to weathered metal. Sandy beaches, to deep lakes, or a stunning sunset. Faux painting can transform one element into another or expand an existing element in your home.


The decorative technique of applying fine gold leaf or powder to walls, molding, furniture, or any other solid surface.