First, we begin by learning about what your vision and design objectives are. Bringing examples of the style and colors that inspire you will help us to understand your vision. We will provide samples of work that we offer, and remain open to creating a unique finish just for you.

After considering your design objectives we will create a plan for your space. We will present you with options and considerations for your budget.

Now we will create sample boards designed specifically for your space.

When finalizing your choice, we will meet with you to review the sample boards in the space, with the lighting conditions, it will be applied in. It is common for there to be one or two rounds of approval. Two sample boards are a standard part of our design process. Additional sample boards may be requested.

Once we have approval on the sample boards we begin the work of transforming your space. We take pride in keeping our working area clean and presentable. You can rest assured that we will take care to return your home to you in a neat order at the end of each day. Our Low or No-VOC paints mean that you will be able to enjoy occupying your new space immediately without needing to air out the noxious gases.

Our project is not complete until you are completely happy. Our process helps us to align with your vision. It helps you to feel comfortable, and rest assured, knowing exactly what you will be getting. If at any point in the process there are any concerns please, let us know. We can always find solutions or make adjustments to fit your needs.